Inspired by true events

La Strada Da Seguire is inspired by author Susan Toscan’s own history which tells the tales of two seemingly unrelated communities, one in Australia and the other in Italy. In this book, you will find that during the challenging years between the Great War and the Second World War, ordinary people find themselves pushed to their limits.

In the 1930s in Griffith, New South Wales, an emerging major farming district, a family diligently works to build a life on their farm. When Italian migrants move to the town, bringing invaluable knowledge and a commitment to hard work, thriving businesses are born. The new neighbors struggle to develop a successful multicultural society.

Things are no easier in Italy. In the uncertain years following the Great War, everyone hopes for some stability. Barely recovered from the Great War, they now find themselves caught up in the inescapable wave of another. Desperate for change, a young woman looks for an escape from her frightfully mundane existence.

As the Second World War breaks out, the young men from both of these communities are called to service. Ripped from the only lives they know and the relative safety of home, they must face an unpredictable future with as much dignity and bravery as they can muster, against forces and events far beyond their control.

Life, love, and tragedy are all part of the new world, and the members of these communities must now choose between being victims—or survivors.